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How to move your WhatsApp chats to Telegram

Telegram has introduced a new feature just in time for users leaving WhatsApp. Telegram users can now move their WhatsApp chats to the app. The new feature is available with the latest Telegram update on iOS and Android. In addition to WhatsApp, this feature supports moving chats from Line and KakaoTalk as well.

The new feature comes with a bunch of other features on the latest version of Telegram. This includes the ability to delete secret chats, groups and call history for all sides anytime. Telegram has also improved voice chats, and audio player, and has added new Android animations in the latest update. The most useful feature would be moving WhatsApp chats to Telegram, and here’s how you can do it.

On Android

Open a chat, tap on more and select export chat.

Choose Telegram from the share sheet menu.

Then select a Telegram chat or contact where you want the chats.

On iOS

Open the contact info or group info of a chat.

Tap on export chat, and choose Telegram from the share sheet.

Another way is to swipe left on a chat and select export chat.

The last process is the same as Android.

Messages imported to Telegram will be updated into the current day but it will include their original timestamps. Telegram also highlights these messages as “imported” in the chat. Messages including photos and videos can be imported to Telegram.

The new feature comes at a time when WhatsApp users are flocking to other apps such as Telegram and Signal. WhatsApp’s new privacy policy has irked users over the company’s data sharing methods with Facebook. WhatsApp has pushed back its policy change to July from February.

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