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5 Surprising Causes of Wrinkles

You might think aging and UV exposure from the sun are your only worries when it comes to wrinkles, but unfortunately, there are many other causes of wrinkles. From stress to your diet – the list is quite long, so topping up your SPF protection might not be enough to keep new lines at bay. That doesn’t mean they are inevitable though! Stay one step ahead of future wrinkles by reading through our list of surprising causes. As you will see, there are plenty of ways to combat them and keep your skin healthy, youthful and wrinkle-free for longer.

  1. Stress

It’s well-known that stress impacts your health, but how about your skin? Well, when you produce too much of the stress hormone cortisol, it can break down the collagen that keeps it smooth. Even worse, the longer you are stressed out for, the harder it is for your skin to repair itself. It’s not all bad news, as damage can be reversed if you can commit to de-stressing. That means giving yourself a break from busy schedules for some relaxation, exercise and self-care.

2. Genetics

You might have your parents to blame for your wrinkles, or to thank for your lack of them! The way everyone ages and loses elasticity in their skin over time is unique, determined by certain genes as well as lifestyle. Things like skin tone can also affect how your skin changes over the years – the more melanin, the later you are likely to get age-related wrinkles.

3. Too much sugar

Overindulging in sweet treats might not just lead to a trip to the dentist; it can contribute to wrinkles too. A process called ‘glycation’ can affect your collagen levels and make wrinkling more likely. It’s only when sugar is eaten in excess that this becomes an issue, so there is no need to give up your favorite sugary foods completely – just enjoy in moderation.

4. Squinting

It’s not just sunscreen you need to remember when the sun is out. Squinting on bright days means the muscles around your eyes work overtime, and this kind of strain on a regular basis can lead to lasting creases. Always carry a pair of sunglasses with you to protect them. Take care not to spend too long looking at your phone or laptop too, as this can also leave you squinting and result in crow’s feet!

5. Sleep Position

If you sleep on either your stomach or side with your face against pressed the pillow, the repeated pressure on your skin and small folds this creates can lead to wrinkles over time. Yet again your collagen and elasticity are at risk of getting worn down. Make sure it’s a real beauty sleep by switching to sleeping on your back or try a silk pillowcase as the smooth surface of these leave fewer lines.

So, there you have it, five factors other than the sun that could cause wrinkles. Are you taking care of your skin the way you should be?

By: Priya Faith.

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