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I Got the COVID-19 Vaccine Shot, This is What Happened to Me!

I received the COVID-19 shot on the morning of Saturday 6th March. I was very excited and had been looking forward to it for days. At long last, a chance for immunity from the dreaded COVID-19!

I am sure by now, you’ve seen friends and loved ones post pictures of their COVID-19 vaccination cards on social media. Those posts have either made you excited and caused you to anticipate your turn or you still might be a little nervous because you are not sure what to expect. I decided to break down my experience in a timeline format, so here we go:

8 am – I received the vaccine at 8 am and immediately felt Slightly dizzy for about 2 seconds. I brushed it aside… perhaps it was only my imagination right? The vaccine takes about 20 seconds to administer. Once you get the shot, they give you a card that has the date and the type of vaccine that you received. I did not know this before but they are supposed to use a timer to monitor you for at least 15 minutes afterward just in case you were to have a rare allergic reaction while you’re there. This was not done.

9 am – I got home and took some painkillers on the advice of a medical practitioner. This was to help keep possible side-effects at bay.

3 pm – I took a nap

6 pm – I woke up from my nap feeling great but around 6pm, I started feeling cold and at the same time I had the weirdest craving for Ice-Cream. Quite odd.

7 pm – I was feeling super cold but at this time the craving had changed to one for a cold glass of fruit juice

8 pm – Decided to take a walk and get the juice on the way. Bundled in my jacket, I set off.

9 pm – The walk did some good, I started feeling warm so i took a cold shower.

10 pm“WHY DOES EVERYTHING HURT???” is what I kept thinking at this point. Chale, I was convinced even my fingernails were hurting. This was “Body Pains Pro Max”. Paracetamol came to my rescue once again.

11pm – I managed to doze off around 11pm, thanks to the respite given by the painkillers.

1am – I woke up feeling about 40 percent better but the headache was coming back with a vengeance.

1 am to 5:45 am – I woke up around every hour and then every 5 minutes towards morning. The night was taking forever! the headache was holding steady at around 70% intensity (don’t ask how I calculated headache intensity lol). I Had to top-up on paracetamol at this point. I managed to doze off again into an uneasy sleep.

6:42 am – You know how they say pain goes away in the morning or something like that? well, muscles I did not even know existed in my body decided it was their turn to shine, and oh boy did they do their best. The pain was just incredible. I could not help but sit in bed wondering if the actual COVID-19 was worse than this torment.

After this, i slept on and off for several hours throughout the day and finally gained enough energy to get out of bed sometime around 2pm. I felt So much better! I have only had a couple of slight headaches since but nothing I needed to take painkillers for.

According to sources, a sore arm is pretty common and the soreness comes from the needle, not the actual vaccine. The soreness should go away in about a day or so. As for side effects of the vaccine, some people experience headaches, fatigue, muscle aches or low-grade fevers.

“While these symptoms are obviously a nuisance to have, they’re actually good news because they indicate that your immune system is working. They’re signs that your immune system is activated and is producing antibodies. That’s a good thing to know.”

After getting the vaccination, stay hydrated, take some over the counter painkillers and just rest. If side-effects last for more than two days, please see a doctor.

PS: None of this is meant to substitute the advice of your medical professional.

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  1. Charley this is serious 🤒 i wonder if I will take this shot cuz needles di3r mesuro paa😭😭😭

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